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The main objective of the association is to provide a national platform for the Paragliding community in India and to promote, develop, control and regulate the sports of Paragliding and Paramotoring.

Paragliding has gained immense popularity and growth in India in the last decade or so. Paragliding is perhaps the simplest and by far the most economical way to take to the skies, soar over the mountains and lakes like a bird without engines using only the wind movement to stay aloft to enjoy sunsets from a totally different perspective and so on…the rewards are immense.

We are here to ensure that Paragliding and Paramotoring are learnt and practiced in a safe manner without causing injury to oneself or others. We are to support our members to get information on Training, Insurance, Pilot ratings, Safety, Site Certification, setting up of local Associations and Clubs, provide useful information material etc.

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Paramotoring is an adventure sport and it is the talk of the town today. It makes a perfect Joyride which requires no rigid formalities like license etc. Male or female above 15 years is eligible to be a paramotor pilot. paramotor equipments are not many. With just wing and engine you’re set to fly up. These accessories are easy to carry and fix not at all cumbersome.

About Our Ride


No inflight entertainment or small packets of peanuts. Hell, this craft doesnt even have a door. The beauty of a paramotor flight is the sheer openness and raw sensation of flying. Just you, the sky, and the birds. Similar to a paraglider ride, the paramotor lets you enjoy more spins, thrills and unbelievable views. Your flight begins with a short briefing by your pilot. Next you are strapped in the trike, in front of your pilot. The paramotor is switched on, and with a short burst you see the ground falling away from your toes. It is almost like riding a motorcycle, in the sky, very very high.

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